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Forum Etiquette
The IPMS Ireland Forum is an online community built up around the IPMS Ireland Club. IPMS Ireland invites all modellers to join its online community where you will find a friendly atmosphere and a unique Irish perspective on the world of scale kit modelling as well as information from the source about Irish military history.

As with any online community and internet forum the IPMS Ireland Forum operates by a set of rules. By establishing an account on the IPMS Ireland Forum you are agreeing to operate by those rules.

An Administrator and one or more Moderators are on-hand to assist you on the IPMS Ireland Forum as well as ensure the rules are being kept too. If you are having any issues please feel free to contact a member of the forum staff.

Report System

The IPMS Ireland Forum operates with a Report System. If you witness anything on the IPMS Ireland Forum that you feel contradicts the forum rules then you are obligated to use the Report Button, found below each post, in order to alert staff to its presence.
Do not attempt to clear up a rules contradiction or a volatile situation on the forum by yourself. This almost always backfires and causes the situation to become worse. By using the Report System you are ensuring staff members are aware of the situation. The Report System also ensures your anonymity; only the forum staff are aware of who sent in the report.

Forum Rules

  • No Profanity
    If you cannot make a post without resorting to vulgarity then you shouldn't post at all. The English language has many clean descriptive words available for your use as an alternative. Any attempts to bypass the word filter by using symbols such as *@!% will not be accepted.

  • No Pornography
    This forum is rated at PG-13 which means it's open to everyone from the age of 14 onwards. As such pornographic and other explicit PG-18 rated material is forbidden here.

  • No Prejudiced Material
    Any material that is racist, ageist, sexist, religiously prejudice or otherwise prejudice against individuals or communities on any grounds is expressly forbidden. The IPMS Ireland Forum is an open community and welcomes people from all walks of life.

  • No Flaming
    Do not attempt to fan the flames of an argument, stir the post or otherwise incite unrest. If you see an argument break out on the forum do not attempt to intervene. Use the report button to notify staff and it'll be taken care of.

  • No Spamming
    Posting of irrelevant material in order to disrupt a thread or the spreading of malicious links well not be permitted.

  • No Politics or Religion
    The IPMS Ireland Forum was setup to provide modellers with an escape from the grind of daily life. When you come onto the forum you can leave some of the baggage that weighs us all down in life at the door. Political and religious views are bags that you must check at the door.

    Both subjects are very personal and subjective; it is all too easy to get offended, angry or frustrated while discussing them and it’s a quick way to stress friendships, especially in an online setting where opinions are easily misconstrued. It doesn’t matter how adult you are either, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

    We don’t want that sort of tension on the IPMS Ireland Forum. We want to keep it comfortable, relaxed and friendly, therefore no politics or religion. It’s a simple request and remember, there are thousands of other places on the internet where you can discuss both. IPMS Ireland is for modelling.

  • Do Not Post Personal Information of Other Members
    You do not have the right to share the personal information of other members on a public forum only they may do so.

  • Do Not Post Private Correspondence
    The posting of private messages and emails on the forum is not permitted. If someone sent you something privately they did so for a reason; respect it. If you receive a private message that you feel is inappropriate then use the report button to notify staff. Posting of private correspondence in order to win an argument is considered extremely poor etiquette, not just here but across the entire internet. Look it up.

  • No Multiple Accounts
    You are permitted one account here; you do not need a second account for any reason. If you have forgotten your login details the forum provides an account recovery system. Any attempt to make a second account will not be permitted.

  • No Backseat Moderation
    The forum has an established staff team; it is their job to manage the forum and handle rule violations. The staff will not tolerate regular members attempting to their job, or interfering with their decisions. Regular members are not supposed to police the rules nor are they allowed to call others members out on their grammar, spelling or punctuation.

  • Be Nice!
    I think this one is pretty obvious. Be nice and cordial to other members; excessive disgruntled behaviour, rudeness and downright abuse will not be tolerated. If commenting on someone's work be constructive, helpful and positive. If you're being light-hearted then use emoticons to help express that, that is what they're for.

Rules for Trading Places

  • A member must have ten posts on the IPMS Ireland Forum before they can use Trading Places.
  • One of the ten posts must be a representation of the members modelling projects; either a past or ongoing project will do.
    Explanation: The IPMS Ireland Forum is dedicated to building a community. We would encourage you to become an established member of the community before attempting to trade within it. Trading with established and trusted individuals is safer for the community overall.

  • No links to eBay, Done Deal or other online sales sites.
    Explanation: Trading Places exists to promote and facilitate direct trade between IPMS Ireland members. Off-site sales links will be removed.

  • All requests to purchase items in a sales topic must be posted publicly in that sales topic for all other members to see.
    Explanation: The IPMS Ireland Forum is dedicated to promoting an open atmosphere for members to engage in commerce. Attempting to buy items in a sales topic through private message can be misconstrued by other members as shady or underhanded. This causes unnecessary conflict. Any member found to be engaging in commerce through private message may find their sales topic removed.

  • The IPMS Ireland Forum cannot be held responsible for any bad deals that occur on Trading Places. You engage in commerce on Trading Places at your own risk. If you do not feel confident in the member you are trading with then don’t do it.

  • Only paid-up members of IPMS Ireland can put up items for sale, or can offer items for trade on the forum. (Anyone on the forum, of course, can buy or respond to a trade request.)
    Explanation: Trading Places exists to promote and facilitate trade by IPMS Ireland members. Use of the facility is one of the perks of membership.