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Changes To Future Group Builds; A new way of running Group Builds on the forum
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 10:05 AM (626 Views)

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, Group Builds (GB) are a part of the hobby that bring us modellers together to build a common theme, whether that's a certain aircraft or vehicle type or a specific period or time in history.
Group Builds can also have a creative theme, for example, models with animal or weather names but whatever the topic, they're a great way to share our builds.

Following some constructive suggestions from Members to the committee about how group builds are structured on the forum, the following changes have been agreed.

  • Group Builds will no longer use a voting poll system as before. If you have an idea for a Group Build, just put this in the proposals section on the forum. Once you get 9 other people agreeing to be part of that Group Build, congrats, you're on your way!.

  • You'll still need to have a specific, detailed GB idea to get going - for example "Building Green Tanks" isn't acceptable but "Building Planes from Pacific War 1941-1945" is fine. The more information you give in your idea, the easier it is for people to decide if they want to join in.

  • Future Group Builds will start on specific times of the year - 1st March; 1st June; 1st September and 1st December

  • You decide on the length of your Group Build with those people who are taking part in it (see first point above). You can have 3; 6; 9 or 12 months. 3 months is the minimum and 12 months is the maximum.

  • Once you've got those details agreed, just let the Forum Mods know and you'll get a start date, forum thread and all the other bits that go with a GB.

  • Not every Group Builds can start on the same date - or none will get finished. There might also be a GB that you want to take part in at the same time. So ask around others who are running Group Builds and agree on what start dates suits you all

  • As a leader of a Group Build, you need to lead it - both with your own build and by encouraging others with theirs, especially if it's something outside their comfort zone.

  • And because Group Builds are all about sharing our hobby, people taking part should provide work in progress (WIP) posts in the thread with photos as well as least one finished picture in the Group Build gallery - not all of us get to monthly meetings so seeing builds progress and completed models is always a treat. It also encourages others with their builds. If you have problems with uploading photos, just ask your friendly neighbourhood Forum Mod team.

So in summary:

  • Come up with an idea for a group build and get 9 people to join you in it it.
  • Agree on a realistic length of build - can be 3/6/9 or 12 months
  • Agree on a start date - and let the Mods know
  • Mods will set up your GB Thread.
  • And your're on your way
  • And above all, have fun!

Any questions on any of the above, just ask away.

All the best,
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