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NIMA Model show 9th & 10th June 2018
Topic Started: Mar 19 2018, 01:46 PM (236 Views)
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My apologies but somehow in trying to edit the dates on the post about the NIMA show I managed to delete the whole thread so I have started a new one. The show has been rescheduled for 9th and 10th of June which should mean we will be safe from snow

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Here are the rules for the show


1.1 The following are the model categories available for the show:

A. Aircraft (including helicopters)
A1. 1/144
A2. 1/72
A3. Up to 1/48 (Propeller)
A4. Up to 1/48 (Jet)
A5. 1/35 and above
NB: depending on numbers of models entered into each category, categories may be amalgamated.

B. Armour
B1. Up to 1/48 (including 1/48 soft-skins and other support vehicles)
B2. 1/35 armour
B3. 1/35 soft-skins and support vehicles
NB: depending on numbers, category B1 may be split for 1/72 armour, soft-skins and other support vehicles.
Categories B2 and B3 may also be further split for 1/24 and 1/16 vehicles.

C. Sci-fi
C1. All sci-fi models
NB: sci-fi figures may also be entered in the “Figures” Category, but can only be entered in one category.

D. Civilian
D1. Vehicles (any scale)
D2. Aircraft (any scale)
D3. Other

E. Ships
E1. Up to 1/700
E2. Up to 1/350
E3. Over 1/350

F. Figures
F1. Up to 54mm
F2. Up to 90mm
F3. 120mm and above
F4. Busts (all scales)

G. Dioramas
G1. All dioramas
G2. Vignettes (including “Wedgies”)

H. Paper
H1. Any paper model

I. Juniors
I1. Any model built by a modeller under 16 years of age

J. Miscellaneous
J1. Any model that does not fit into any of the categories above

2.1 For any model entered into Categories A, B, C, D or E, ONLY THE MAIN VEHICLE will be judged. Judges will not take into account any figures, groundwork or other accessories included with the main vehicle, including crew members.

2.2 If a participant wishes to have any figures, groundwork or other accessories judged along with the main vehicle, that model should be entered into Category G (Dioramas).

2.3 For the purposes of NIMA, a vignette is defined as a small diorama consisting of up to 4 figures, some groundwork or accessories, but NOT INCLUDING ANY VEHICLES (but see 2.4 below regarding wedgies).

2.4 Wedgies will be included with vignettes and may include part of a vehicle.

2.5 In the case of any dispute or disagreement regarding model category, the Judges’ decision will be final.

2.6 It is within Judges’ discretion to cancel any particular category, or combine categories, should there not be sufficient entries submitted (less than 4).

3.1 For models entered into Categories A, B, C, D, E and F, it will be helpful, for judging purposes, if the model is presented on a base. Judges will have to examine models closely and a base will allow them to do so without touching the model. Bases are not compulsory, but please bear in mind that any model entered without a base will likely have to be handled by the judges. Competitors should indicate whether or not the model is secured to the base.

3.2 Please note that the Judges will not take the base into account for scoring purposes.

4.1 In addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze in each category, the following further awards may also be made:

Best of Show – decided from among all Gold medal winners.
President’s Trophy – awarded by NIMA President.
People’s Choice – awarded by popular vote on the day of the show.
NIMA Specific Award – awarded to best model submitted by a NIMA member.
Sponsored Award – awarded according to the sponsors wishes / stipulations.

4.2 At the Judges’ discretion, “commended” awards may also be made.

5.1 Fees for entering the competition are as follows:

i. £10 for up to 5 models;
ii. £2.50 for each model over 5 entered.

5.2 Please note that all competition entries MUST be registered and on the table by 1.00pm on Saturday.

6.1 “Entry By Proxy” must be agreed with NIMA in advance of the show.

6.2 Any Proxy entrant who does not attend the show on either day may forfeit any award or awards made. NIMA’s decision on this matter will be final. Such decision will be made taking into account any extenuating circumstances that may exist.

6.3 Anyone making a proxy entry who cannot attend on either day of the show should contact NIMA (nimasecretary@outlook.com) with reasons. If such contact is not made and reasons for non-attendance are not provided, it is likely that any awards will be forfeit.

7.1 Models are entered into the show at the owners’ risk and, while utmost care will be taken, NIMA, the Judges and the venue accept no responsibility for any damage caused to any model.

7.2 Anyone unable to attend on the Sunday should make arrangements to have their model or models, and any awards collected. NIMA accepts no responsibility for any models not collected at the end of the show.

again apologies for deleting the previous thread

Pat McGrath
Pat McGrath

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No problem Pat

Just to remind folks that our club has been offered (free of charge) a display table at the show, so if any member wishes to display models that were previously entered in the NIMA competition in 2017, or doesn't want to enter this year's competition, there will be an opportunity to show your work.

If you are interested in doing so, please let me know and we can make arrangements. It would be nice to have a mix of all genres there, so I will need to know in good time. Also, as some will be going by car, we can arrange to bring kits of those going by public transport and/or of those going for just the one day.

Naturally, as it is a club table, only the models of members of the club will be allowed on the display.

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Well I hope to make it up either the Saturday or Sunday but not both.

I'll let you know Philip if I have anything for the table a little closer if that ok?

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Mar 20 2018, 09:58 AM
Well I hope to make it up either the Saturday or Sunday but not both.

I'll let you know Philip if I have anything for the table a little closer if that ok?
no problem, Pete.

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