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Irish Air Corps - Kit List; Is there a kit of IAC aircraft out there?
Topic Started: Nov 6 2012, 02:22 PM (12,873 Views)
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...too busy to rush
Here is a list of some of the kits that are or were available in the last few years to help model aircraft of the Irish Air Corps in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
Most of these kits (the majority, in fact) don't have IAC decals included and for those you will have to get the various sheets from Maxdecals. Some of the required decal sheets are now no longer available but updated IAC decal sheets being released by Joe Maxwell's Max Decals.
This list is by no means definitive and there are a few new kits that will be added to the list soon. The Matchbox HS125 is extremely rare and very hard to find (I spent three years tracking down one) while the Airfix Sea King is included only as a donor of parts for the Sikorsky S-61N conversion. Paul Walsh's Military Models shop in Dublin may have a resin nose conversion required for the Matchbox/Revell Dauphin and the Alouette II is included to represent F-BIRX which belonged to Heli-Union and was used to train the first of the IAC's helicopter pilots.

Originally posted by Alouette on 15/09/2008, updated by FiSe on 04/07/2016

1/72 Irish Air Corps model kits and conversions.
1/48 Irish Air Corps model kits and conversions.

1/32 Irish Air Corps model kits and conversions

Aircraft type
/ Kit serial number

Avro 504K

  • Airfix - 01048
  • A Model 72146, 07259, 07268
  • HR Model 7330
  • Blue Max 208
  • Smer 0807

Bristol F2B

  • Airfix 01080
  • Roden 043
  • Pegasus 4012
  • Roden 425-Falcon, 428-Mk.IV, 429-Sunbeam Arab
  • Eduard 8127, 8488, 8127
  • Revell 04873 - reboxed Eduard kit
  • Wingnut Wings 32004, 32060

Martinsyde F4 Buzzard

  • Pegasus 4016
  • Czech Master Resin 5026
  • Omega Models 72307
  • AZ Models 7341, 7342
  • Karaya 4827


  • Roden 045, 023
  • Revell 4323, 04061
  • Roden 416-Viper, 419-Hispano Suiza
  • Blue Max 110
  • Wingnut Wings 32003 - Hispano Suiza
  • Roden 602 - Hispano Suiza
  • Roden 607 - Wolseley Viper

Airco DH9

  • Ardpol 72008
  • Conversion Airfix DH4 + BlueRider BR 102 or Delta conversion set
  • Roden 423
  • Wingnut Wings 32035

DH 60 C Cirrus Moth

  • Frog ?????
  • Omega Models 72347, 72397
  • A Model 72280
  • A Model 4803

Fairey IIIF Mk.II

  • Sanger 767
  • Aeroclub K041

Vickers T193 Vespa IV, T208 Vespa V

Avro 621 Tutor

  • AZ Models 72023, 72024
  • RVHP 7230

Avro 626

  • AZ Models 72029, 72050, 72030
  • Omega Models 72169, 72170, 72258

Avro 631 Cadet

Avro 636

DH 84 Dragon

  • Rug Rat Resins 72-05-002

Avro Anson Mk.I

  • Airfix 02009, early version
  • Special Hobby 72212, 72216 early version
  • Special Hobby 72074 late version
  • Classic Airframes 4119, 4120, 4121, 4122
  • Special Hobby 48081 - late version windscreen only

Gloster Gladiator Mk.I

  • Matchbox PK-8
  • Airfix 01002
  • Revell 04683
  • Pavla Models 72059
  • Hobby Boss 80289
  • Sword Models SW72035
  • Roden 408
  • Lindberg 916
  • Silver Wings 32008

Westland Lysander Mk.II

  • Matchbox PK-7
  • Revell 00001 as above
  • Airfix 02053
  • Pavla Models 72048
  • Arc Models 72018
  • Gavia 70401 - it's MK.III
  • Eduard 8290, 1138 same as above
  • Matchbox PK-504 - it's Mk.I/III
  • Revell 04710 - same as above

Miles M14A Magister I

  • Novo/Frog 153
  • Eastern Express 72288 same as above
  • Arc Models 72019 dtto
  • RS Models 92117, 92120, 92167
  • Choroszy Modelbund A144
  • Special Hobby 48037
  • Flashback 8924

Supermarine Walrus

  • Matchbox PK-105
  • Revell 04391 as above
  • Valom 72013
  • Airfix 02002
  • Smer 114
  • Classic Airframes 4105, 451
  • MPM/Special Hobby SH48161, SH48162, SH48163
  • HPH Models 3200

Hawker Hind Mk.I

  • AZ Models 7242, 7253

Hawker Hector Mk.I

  • A - Model 72194

Miles M9 Master I

  • Pavla Models 72036

Miles M19 Master II

  • Novo/Frog F340
  • Arc Models 72020 as above
  • Magna Models 7217
  • Magna Models 4805

Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

  • Airfix 02082
  • Airfix 02082A
  • Airfix A01010
  • Heller 79832
  • Hasegawa 927, AP39 and many reboxings
  • AZ Models 7259, 7284
  • Airfix A04102
  • Airfix A05127
  • Italeri 2705
  • Hasegawa 09065 and other reboxings
  • Pacific Coast Models 32012
  • Revell 00018

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIa

  • Hasegawa 09510 and other reboxings

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb

  • Revell 04183

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc

  • Revell 04144
  • Hobby Boss 80215 - easy build
  • Academy 2129
  • Hasegawa JT51 and other reboxings
  • Italeri 2726
  • Revell / Monogram 85-4667
  • Fly 32012

Lockheed Hudson Mk.I

  • Airfix 05034
  • MPM 72518
  • Classic Airframes 448

Fairey Battle TT.1

  • MPM 72097
  • Airfix ? Mk1
  • Bilek BK916 as above
  • Classic Airframes 430

Avro Anson C19

  • Aeroclub K028

Miles Martinet TT.I

  • Pavla 27045
  • Magna Models

Supermarine Seafire III

  • HighPlanes 7276
  • Octopus 72043
  • Czechmaster 1131
  • Sword Models SW72055
  • Special Hobby 48052, 48138
  • Grey Matter Aviation GMAA3212 - conversion

Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9

  • Czech Master Resin 1176
  • AZ Models 7480
  • Brigade Models BTC7206 Conversion
  • Final Touch ????? Spitfire T9 Conversion (For Matchbox kit)
  • Brigade Models BTC48001 Conversion

De Havilland Chipmunk T20

  • Airfix 01054
  • Heritage Aviation Models n/a

De Havilland Dove

  • Rareplanes ?????
  • Magna Models 5072
  • Omega Models 72499

Percival Provost

  • Matchbox PK-30 Provost T/MK1
  • Czech Master Resin 72-235
  • S&M Models SMK 72-32

De Havilland Vampire T55

  • Czech Master Resin 1116 - Vampire T11
  • Airfix A02058 - Vampire T11
  • Aeroclub ????? Vampire T1
  • Classic Airframes 493, 494

Alouette II

  • Mach 2 MACH2572 SE.313 Alouette II (for modelling F-BIRX??)
  • Revell 04401, 04449, 04478

Alouette III

  • Heller 80289 - detail set from Whirlybirds WBA72010 will provide all the parts needed for IAC SAR
  • Heller 80480
  • Fujimi 5A46, 301457

Cessna 172H Reims-Rocket

  • ARII A702-300
  • Minicraft 11635, 11651 and some other re-boxings
  • ESCI-ERTL 4064
  • Modelcraft 48-004 - repacked Esci
  • Italeri 2764 - repacked Esci

Fouga CM.170 Magister

  • Heller 80220
  • Airfix 02047-5
  • Special Hobby SH72284
  • Valom 72089
  • Fonderie Miniature 6011
  • Kinetic 48051
  • Wingman Models WMK48007 - as above, plus resin and PE parts
  • AMK 88004

SIAI Marchetti SF260W

  • Planet Models 198 SF-260M
  • Cunarmodel CM7202 SF-260
  • Daco Resin ????? SF-260
  • Final Touch Products SF-260
  • Challenge ????? SF-260
  • Vetromodelli ????? SF-260
  • Planet Models 194 SF-260M

Beechcraft Kingair 200

  • RVHP RVHP7166
  • Rareplanes ?????
  • Andy Pack Models ?????

Hawker Siddley HS125

  • Matchbox PK-117 Hawker Siddley HS125-600 (D)

Aerospatiale Gazelle SA342L

  • Airfix 01059
  • Heller 71232/50284, 80284
  • Heller 486, 80486/50486 - 1:50 scale
  • Fujimi P-21, A-32, 5A42 - SA341 version

Aerospatiale SA330 Puma (IAC 242)

  • Heller 60332 SA330 Puma - needs Whirlybits radar, sponsons and floatation gear
  • Airfix 03021 SA330 Puma - same as above
  • Revell 04412

Aerospatiale SA365Fi Dauphin II

  • Matchbox PK-38 - SA365N
  • Revell 04467 - same as above
  • Dream Model 720001 - SA365N-2/Z9-A
  • Trumpeter 02816
  • Kitty Hawk 80108
  • Trumpeter 05106 - AS365N, 05107 - HH65C, 05108 - AS565 Panther, 05109 - Z-9WA - all in 1:35 scale

Gulfstream Series

  • Welsh Models WHE7201 - Gulfstream IV
  • RVHP 7194 - Gulfstream G.IV
  • Broplan ???? Gulfstream G.IV


  • Broplan MS-59

Eurocopter AS355

  • Miku Models 72-050 Eurocopter AS-355

Eurocopter EC135

  • Revell 04457 Eurocopter EC135
  • Revell 04425, 04428, 04465 and others

Pilatus PC-9M

  • L&M Models 72-22, 72-24 (resin kit)
  • OzMods 7201 PC-9
  • Aeroclub N/A PC-9 (D) (Limited-run kit - future re-release)

Sikorsky S-61N

  • WhirlyBits WBA72050 Sikorsky S-61N - comprehensive conversion

Aftermarket items relevant to IAC helicopter models in 1/72

Manufacturer / Serial No. / Aircraft Type / Description Notes

  • Whirlybird Decals WBA72010 Alouette III
    Etched brass, resin and white metal. Includes pop-out floats and winch.
  • Whirlybird Decals (WhirlyBits Accessories) WBA 72032 Puma
    Resin and white metal. Sponsons, nose radar and floatation gear. All you need for IAC 242.
  • Airwaves SC72094 Puma
    Etched brass and white metal. Etched brass only useful for IAC Puma.
  • Extratech EX72096 Gazelle
    Etched brass. Suitable for IAC Gazelle.
  • Extratech EX72142 Alouette III
    Etched brass Suitable for IAC Alouette.
  • N/A N/A Dauphin II
    Resin Extended radar nose.

Useful Irish Air Corps references.

  • Irish Air Corps, A View from the Tower.
    By Comdt Peter Tormey and Capt (now Lt Col) Kevin Byrne. (Published in 1991.)
  • Irish Air Corps - Celebrating 30 years of Helicopter Operations, 1963 - 1993
    (Published by the Helicopter Wing, IAC, in 1993)
  • Wings Over Ireland - The story of the Irish Air Corps
    By Donal MacCarron (ISBN 1 85780 057 5, published in 1996.)
  • The Irish Air Corps 1922-1997, An Official Souvenir
    (Published by the IAC in 1997.)
  • The Irish Air Corps celebrates 100 years of flight.
    Published by the IAC in 2003 (ISBN 0-9546669-0-9.).
  • The Irish Air Corps, An Illustrated Guide
    By Joe Maxwell and P.J. Cummins (Published by Max Decals Publications, May 2009, ISBN 978-0-9562624-0-0)
  • Fouga Magister - An Irish Perspective
    By Joe Maxwell and Radu Brinzan (Published by Max Decals Publications, 6th of September 2012, ISBN978-0-9562624-1-7)

Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine (useful issues)

  • July 1981, "The Irish Air Corps, its history and markings" by A.P. Kearns.
    This issue contains a very comprehensive 22 page article on the history of the IAC. Includes plenty of black and white photos and side-views. (This issue also came with a free decal sheet of IAC markings!)
  • Decmber 1996, Camoflague and Markings article on the IAC by Lt Col Kevin Byrne.
  • April 2005, AIRCRAFT IN PROFILE, Irish Air Corps in the 21st Century, by Lt Col Kevin Byrne.
    Photos and colour side-views of current fleet.
  • July 2001, 1/72 build of IAC Anson Mk19 by Peter Shaw.
  • September 2001, Letters page, 2 letters on the IAC Anson including three photos.
  • October 2004, 1/48 build of IAC Seafire by Tony O'Toole.
  • November 2004, 1/48 build of IAC Spitfire T. Mk9 by Tony O'Toole.
  • May 1999, Inside Story, IAC Alouette III photo article by Patrick J. Cummins.
  • August 2003, Inside Story, IAC SA365F Dauphin photo article by Patrick J. Cummins.
  • February 2007, Inside Story, IAC EC135 photo article by Liam Aherne.
  • October 1998, AIRCRAFT IN DETAIL, de Havilland Dove and Devon.
    Includes IAC Dove colour side-view.
  • January 1999, Review of 1/72 CASA CN-235 (Broplan) by Lt Col Kevin Byrne.
  • October 1997, AIRCRAFT IN DETAIL, The Miles Military Trainers.
    Includes colour side-views of IAC Miles Magister, Master II and Martinet.
  • July 2000, Occasional Colours, de Havilland DH.9.
    Includes colour side-view of IAC DH.9.
  • August 2005, Letters page, various colour photos of GASU fleet.
  • The following issues have scale plans of various aircraft flown by the IAC;

    • March 1997, Miles Magister I and II, 1/72.
    • March 1998, Hawker Hind, 1/72.
    • April 2000, Fairey Battle, 1/48.
    • December 2004, Bristol F.2B Fighter, 1/48.
    • March 2005, SE.5, 1/48.

Scale Aviation Modeller International, May 2009, IAC Seafire build in 1/32 scale by Radu Brinzan.

Air Corps Wings Newsletter, Issue 8, September 2007, Alouette III special issue.

Flying In Ireland magazine (useful issues).

  • June 2004, Photo article on IAC.
  • December 2005, Arrival of IAC EC135.
  • February 2006, Update article on IAC helicopters.
  • May 2006, Alouette III - Forty three years with the Irish Air Corps.
    Photos and colour side-views.
  • June 2006, Maritime Operations, article on IAC CASA operations.
    Photos and colour side-views.
  • July 2006, Policing Ireland from the air. GASU article.
  • December 2006, Article on replacing IAC Cessnas.
  • January 2007, Arrival of new AW139.
    Plus article on EC135 Air Ambulane Operations.
  • February 2007, 104 Squadron, IAC, Cessna Operations.
  • April 2007, PC-9M.
    Lengthy article on IAC PC-9M Operations.
  • November 2007, Alouette III IAC Retirement Special.
  • January 2008, Gloster Gladiator in IAC service.
    Includes colour side-views.
  • April 2008, Irish Air Corps No.3 Operations Wing.
    Current IAC helicopter operations.
  • July 2008, IAC Beechcraft King Air.
    August 2008, small IAC King Air update.
Edited by FiSe, Jul 4 2016, 01:13 PM.
Filip . . . . Resident smart-arse redneck & the Munster Modeller

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I've completely formatted the post to make it easier to read and follow.
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Good news! The Aeroclub Anson C19 has been re-released. (I had been trying to get one through e-bay for years, but when they appeared - very rarely - they went for huge prices). At the Aeroclub stand at Telford last weekend, they had 25 copies available. They were all sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale, at 9 am on Saturday - luckily three of us from the IPMS Ireland stand were there and got them - Alan, Paul and myself. They said that they would be producing more, given the demand, but that they had only run off the 25 for the show.

If you are thinking of doing this one, my walkaround of the plane in the IAC Museum may be of use:-


BTW - on the above list, there is one small typo:- The Magister in 1/72nd should be RS Models, not RV models - see my build thread here:-

"To boldly go..."

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I've fixed the typo and added that the Anson is being re-released this year. :>
Edited by Alkatraz, Nov 12 2012, 01:49 PM.
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...too busy to rush
Sean, I was just editing that post. I am, actually, removing all those comments about 'discountinued, re-released, resin, vac-form and so on.
I am trying to make it as easy to read as possible. It's up to each individual to check what's in the box and how much is a fair price for the quality of whichever kit.

...and as for the Aeroclub Anson goes, I think that this is the later version with metal wings. IAC, for some reason, insisted on the fabric covered wings as on the Mk.Is
Edited by FiSe, Nov 12 2012, 02:00 PM.
Filip . . . . Resident smart-arse redneck & the Munster Modeller

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No problem Filip; feel free to clean it up however you see fit. You undoubtedly know more about the subject that I ever will. My main intent was to provide structure by organizing everything into easier to read lists.
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Lads, eatherway it is a very readable list now, thanks.
And to follow Philips comment re the Anson c19, I spoke to Aeroclub and they expected to have more within a fortnight. But they don't have a website. So post if news comes out please.
IPMS Ireland
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I have heard that the only way to get things from Aeroclub is to e-mail John Adams direct, or to put up a post on Britmodeller....where he goes by the name of John Aero.

Here is the Britmodeller link to him ...


You can see from this post that he doesn't like evil bay.

I brought the C19 Anson I was lucky enough (thanks to Paul) to get at Telford, to the Dublin meet a week or two ago, where a couple of eager modellers cast their beady eyes over it...Also showed it to Simon yesterday, at ALSAA, to a similar reception.....

Fise is right though - you cannot just use the Aeroclub kit if you want an accurate Anson XIX as used by the IAC (see - no need for corrections when you only use the initials!) - the wooden wings covered with fabric will need to be used instead of the metal covered ones. The usual suggestion is to graft on the Airfix Anson 1 wings, but that might be a difficult job, as the wings themselves are not great, with over emphasis (and incorrect) spars / spacers showing, and potentially incorrect elevators. The Special Hobby kit (late Anson) is better for the wings...but is a bit more expensive.

You can see what she should look like with my detailed walkaround of the preserved example at the IAC museum...

here:- http://forum.ipmsireland.com/topic/8225030/1/?x=25#new

Good luck!

"To boldly go..."

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2 stroke

just had a look at the kit list and in regards to the 1/72 fouga i see only the heller kit is listed,dont forget airfix also released a 1/72 kit in their series 2,pack / kit number 02047-5 back in the mid 1970s [i have 1 from 1975].dont confuse this with being the same as the heller kit [which some peeps seem to think it is] as it is different.i have examples of both and the airfix kit has the seats already mouled / set into the cockpit tub which the heller kit does not
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...too busy to rush
Thanks, man...I only got as far as DH Dove in editing that post. It takes a lot of time to find all those forgotten kits, their numbers and all those obscure manufacturers... but we'll get there eventually
Filip . . . . Resident smart-arse redneck & the Munster Modeller

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2 stroke

indeed we will buddy....its actually a great little kit for its age and the box artwork is quite attractive as it depicts the patrouille de france aerobatic team performing a break with aircraft going in differnt directions trailing red ,white and blue smoke over what looks like a horse racecourse [kind of like they did a display at a major horse racing meet]
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Abuser Of Plastic
For those that are interested in IAC kits in 1/72, the Airfix website has the list of 2013 releases posted and they include
a DH Vampire T11 (no more hunting for the Aeroclub one ;) ) as well as a new Gloster Galdiator, along with a
nice selection of types, (new molds = FW190, early Mk.1 Hurricane, Lancaster- MkII & MkIII 'Dambuster', BAC Lightning, Typhoon, Harriers), plus a number of re-releases.
:D Happy days
Link to Airfix new for 2013 -> Here
It's my hobby and I will enjoy it my way!
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2 stroke

yes the vampire does look good.from an irish army vechille piont of view they are also doing a 25 pndr field gun and bren gun carrier
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You beat me to it murf

"I work with real models"
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The official topic about the Airfix news can be found here; I'd prefer to keep it coordinated.
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Airfixs 1/4th scale Hawker Hind is to be re released in the year, can be built as an Aer Corps version
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...too busy to rush
They have listed Hawker Fury in 1/48, which is re-release of old mouldings.
Although not impossible to convert this into Hind, which served with Air Corps , it might be beyond skills of average modeller, I think...

Unless I have overlooked something :-/
Filip . . . . Resident smart-arse redneck & the Munster Modeller

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They have listed Hawker Fury in 1/48, which is re-release of old mouldings.
Although not impossible to convert this into Hind, which served with Air Corps , it might be beyond skills of average modeller, I think. :X :X :X

Doh!...sorry about that
Edited by trpsarge, Jan 28 2013, 08:14 PM.
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Looking forward to this!
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...too busy to rush
Time to ditch the Trumpeter plastic?
Filip . . . . Resident smart-arse redneck & the Munster Modeller

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